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Mama Shamone
"Over EP"

Mama Shamone and Martin Rushent collided shortly after the London quartet were made Myspace band of the week.

Mama Shamone and Martin Rushent (producer of Buzzcocks, Stranglers, Human League and many more) collided shortly after the London quartet were made Myspace band of the week. After a whirlwind year of shows (Bestival, Tales of the Jackalope, Fusion) and radio play on Xfm and Radio One, the band and the man have the EP to launch your festival season.
Title track 'Over' is the kind of jittery dance rock that will get your limbs shaking all over the dancefloor with the kind of catchy chorus that infiltrates down to your bones. Over's juggernaut rock riffs, and
foot-stamping dance rhythms make a rowsing theme song for the wildest live band in London... Just ask their audience.
Next, Mama Shamone milk the sweat out of every pore with floor-filling anthem 'Do You Believe' while synth-driven 'Feel' is a sing-a-long classic with more than a wink to Joy Division.
But it's live the band really blow you away. Let's paint the scene... Behooded axe-demon Flip X and sex-on-legs bassist Ru have broken instruments, been electrocuted and knocked out without missing a beat. Adrenalin junkie Killer Jules on drums would give the Duracell bunny a run for his money. But all eyes ultimately train on lead singer, Mama. A dirty, flirty, teasing, heavy metal Tina Turner, she climbs walls, commits acts of gratuitous violence and gets the whole audience dancing and singing along in every single show.
They've headlined Barcelona's Razzmatazz, supported Bloc Party and The Rakes and played some of the filthiest parties in Berlin, including White Trash, Rio and Club 103. They are also firmly associated with loved and feared underground club, Bastard Batty Bass, which they play with DJ Hannah Holland (Trailer Trash) and MC Chickaboo (Soul II Soul).
Mama Shamone are a band that'll kick start any party. Just watch out for those stiletto heels.

Written by Mama Shamone.
Published by Copyright Control.
Produced by Martin Rushent.
Mix & Additional Production on 1) by Aidan Love Mix & Additional Production on 2) & 3) by Flip X.
(P) & (C) 2008 Genetic Recordings

1. Over
2. Do You Believe
3. Feel